Zenovo Aurora

Zenovo Aurora

A Phenomenon in Motion

Zenovo has taken a bold step into the future with the unveiling of the Aurora, a hypercar that sets new benchmarks in both performance and design. As the lightest and most powerful car the Danish brand has ever produced, the Aurora stands as a testament to Zenovo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering. Named after the natural light display in the sky, the Aurora symbolizes a spark of innovation and brilliance in the automotive world. Its dynamic body design not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures it performs like a true masterpiece on the road.


The 6.6L Quad-Turbocharged V12

Moreover, at the heart of the Aurora is a 6.6-liter quad-turbocharged V12 engine, developed in collaboration with MAHLE Powertrain. This monstrous powerplant delivers an astonishing 1250bhp, making it the most powerful V12 ever fitted in a road car. The engine features a unique 90-degree hot-V configuration and is strategically mounted behind the cockpit to ensure optimal weight distribution. Complementing the V12 is a trio of electric motors that contribute an additional 600bhp, pushing the total output to an incredible 1850bhp. This combination not only offers unparalleled power but also demonstrates Zenovo's innovative approach to hybrid technology in high-performance vehicles.


Agil and Tur Models

Furthermore, Zenovo offers the Aurora in two distinct models: the track-focused Agil and the road-oriented Tur. The Agil, with its striking red exterior, is designed to be an agile marvel on the track. It generates significant downforce, ensuring optimal handling and performance during high-speed maneuvers. The Agil boasts a top speed of 365kph and a maximum torque of 1400Nm. Resembling a red Batmobile ready to conquer any race track.

On the other hand, the Tur model, characterized by its sleek blue design, is tailored for the road. It combines clean lines with bold aesthetics, making it a head-turner on city streets. The Tur's sculpted interior offers the comfort and luxury expected of a grand tourer, without compromising on performance. It achieves a top speed of 450kph and delivers a maximum torque of 1850Nm, making it one of the fastest road cars ever built.

Exclusive Production and Pricing

Finally, Zenovo plans to produce only 100 units of the Aurora, with 50 Agil models and 50 Tur models. This limited production run ensures that each car is crafted with the utmost precision and exclusivity. The price for owning a piece of this automotive marvel starts at a staggering £3 million. Despite the hefty price tag, enthusiasts and collectors alike are eagerly anticipating the deliveries, which are scheduled to begin in 2026.

Zenovo's Aurora represents the pinnacle of hypercar innovation, blending breathtaking design with unmatched performance. As the automotive world watches in awe. The Aurora is set to leave a lasting legacy as a symbol of Zenovo's future-focused vision.

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