Toyota GR Supra: 45th Anniversary

Toyota GR Supra: 45th Anniversary

A Tribute to Legacy

Toyota Supra

In celebration of Toyota's 45th anniversary, the automotive giant is preparing to launch a distinctive edition of the Toyota GR Supra for the upcoming 2024 model year. The GR Supra, which made a triumphant return in 2020 after its original incarnation in the 1990s, continues to evolve. With the 45th-anniversary model promised to be a testament to both the car's history and its future.

Unleashing Power

Having undergone a transformation from a 4-cylinder engine to a 6-cylinder. The upcoming GR Supra is going to command the roads with a renewed vigour. The foundational specs of the base model, featuring a formidable 382bhp 3.0L engine, remain intact. Notably, drivers can select between two transmission options. A dynamic 6-speed manual or a cutting-edge 8-speed automatic. Thus, enabling a tailored driving experience to their exact preferences.

Visual Flair

With a nod to its iconic predecessor, the 45th-anniversary GR Supra will be available in a spectrum of colours. The captivating 'Mikan Blast' orange shade takes enthusiasts on a journey back to the 1990s original, reminding many of Brian O’Conner's vibrant orange Supra from the adrenaline-pumping Fast and Furious franchise. The GR Supra's racing lineage is not only celebrated through its colour palette but also through its turbocharged engine and expert handling. A fusion of race car agility adapted for everyday roads.

Sculpted for Performance

Moreover, as part of its celebratory enhancements, the anniversary GR Supra introduces several design alterations from the base model. An innovative manual spoiler allows drivers to fine-tune their aerodynamics, optimizing downforce for superior rear-wheel traction during spirited drives. Complementing this innovation are the attention-grabbing 19-inch matte black forged aluminium wheels that not only enhance performance but also make a bold visual statement.

Driver-Centric Luxury

Furthermore, the interior of the 45th-anniversary GR Supra is an embodiment of driver-centric luxury. Adorned with leather-trimmed sport seats, the cabin seamlessly blends comfort and support. The intricate white stitching serves as a testament to the car's high-performance pedigree, enveloping drivers in an atmosphere of power and finesse.

Anticipation Builds

Currently in the prototype stage of production, the exact specifications of the GR Supra 45th-anniversary edition are yet to be finalised. While initially aimed at the American market, it remains to be seen whether this model will make its way to the UK. Priced at $64,375, this celebratory edition is going to provide enthusiasts with an irresistible combination of power, style, and performance. Toyota plans to manufacture just 900 units of this special release, available in two iconic colours—orange and white. Enthusiasts will need to act swiftly to secure their orders. Channelling the spirit of the Fast and Furious street racers that ignited their passion for speed and adrenaline.

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