Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven

Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven

The lastest addition to the conception line up

Vision one-Eleven

Mercedes-Benz's latest addition to their Vision concept car lineup, the fifth installment, pays homage to the sixties and seventies. By reimagining their renowned gull-wing C111 experimental concepts in a contemporary manner.

Similar to its predecessors, the new Vision One-Eleven prioritises technological advancements beneath its surface rather than focusing solely on design. It serves as a platform to showcase the innovative EV powertrain systems developed by British company YASA, which is now a part of the Mercedes-Benz family.


Vision unveiling

The unveiling of the One-Eleven took place at an exclusive event held at Mercedes' design headquarters in California. Where it was showcased alongside the C111. Both cars boasted a captivating orange exterior and showcased their signature gull-wing doors soaring towards the sky.

The revolutionary axial-flux motors, known for their high power and lightweight construction, are integrated into the One-Eleven concept. With them expected to be utilised in an upcoming all-electric Mercedes-AMG sports car scheduled for unveiling in 2025. Although the design of the production car is unlikely to resemble that of the concept. The exceptional motors and the One-Eleven's battery pack, equipped with high-performance liquid-cooled cylindrical cells, are anticipated to enter mass production.

According to Tim Woolmer, an Oxford-based company representative, "Axial-flux motors surpass radial-flux motors currently found in 99 percent of electric cars in terms of power output, weight, and size. They provide significantly higher and more sustained power reserves, resulting in an entirely new level of performance."

Masterpiece of engineering

steering wheel

The cutting-edge battery pack, incorporating novel cell chemistry and employing liquid-cooling technology, is being developed by the motorsport specialists at Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrain in Brixworth, renowned for creating powertrains for the Mercedes Formula 1 team.

Although the exterior design of the Vision One-Eleven is unlikely to directly influence future production vehicles, certain elements of its interior are expected to be incorporated. While the eye-catching silver leather-clad lounge chairs may not make the transition. Mercedes designers showcased an interior buck featuring an 'experimental spatial user interface' that utilises augmented reality (AR).

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