Geneva Motor Show 2024

Geneva Motor Show 2024

February 26 - March 3

Honouring 100 Years of Automotive Innovation

In a celebration marking its 100th anniversary. The Geneva Motor Show gears up for a spectacular event set to captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide. From February 26 to March 3, the Geneva Palexpo will host a week-long extravaganza, embodying the essence of "Auto. Future. Now." The show's motto that reflects its commitment to honouring the past while propelling the automotive world into an exciting future.

Innovation Takes Center Stage

Known for its innovative showcases, the Geneva Motor Show is a global stage boasting over 20 renowned brands. It will include exclusive exhibitions, insightful talks, engaging masterclasses, interactive experiences, live performances, and yet-to-be-announced surprising events. Spanning across 77,000 square meters, the event will feature more than 260 exhibitions. Showcasing the latest offerings from approximately 900 brands representing 30 countries.

Furthermore, anticipation surrounds the unveiling of more than 50 new cars, with another 18 making their European debut. Over 800,000 visitors will converge at the Geneva Palexpo throughout the week to witness the automotive industry's cutting-edge advancements.

A Journey Through Past and Future

Moreover, in celebration of its centenary, the Geneva Motor Show introduces six new spaces, each adding a unique dimension to the exhibition. The Adrenaline Zone will showcase high-performance cars, including the most coveted supercars and unmissable hypercars. The Design District will serve as an artistic atelier, featuring the most beautiful cars from the past century and offering masterclasses in automotive sketching.

In addition, the Mobility Lab will be a hub of innovation, showcasing the latest breakthroughs in the automotive world. The Cube, also the central hub of the event, will take attendees on a journey through time and innovation.

Lastly, the event will pay tribute to 35 iconic cars that have left an indelible mark on motorsport history in the exhibition titled '100 Years of Icons.' This special exhibition includes legendary vehicles like the Jaguar E-Type 9600 HP, Porsche 901, and Ferrari 500 Superfast. Notably, the Bugatti Royale 41.111 will be showcased alongside the Roaster Esders and the Coupe de Ville Binder, marking a historic moment in automotive history.

Schedule Highlights

Moreover, the event kicks off with Media Day on February 26, unveiling the most exciting spectacles of the show. February 27 will be dedicated to VIPs, featuring the official opening ceremony and exclusive industry networking opportunities. The main show runs from February 28 to March 3, providing five days for the public to enjoy exhibitions, Grand Turismo Racing Simulators, Swiss racing drivers meet and greets, car shows, and more.

The Daily Show

Finally for those unable to attend, the Geneva Motor Show will be covered extensively through "The Daily Show," ensuring that enthusiasts worldwide can experience the excitement on screen and not miss a single moment of this centennial celebration of automotive excellence.

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