110 years of Greatness

110 years of Greatness

Aston Martin celebrates its 110 years of automotive engineering

This year, Aston Martin celebrates a remarkable milestone as it commemorates 110 years since its founding in 1913. The luxury automaker traces its roots back to the partnership of two visionary men, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. Both shared an unwavering passion for engines and driving. Their dedication to crafting exceptional automobiles propelled Aston Martin. They made it one of the most successful international luxury automotive companies in the world.

The origins of the name "Aston Martin" can be traced back to a moment of triumph for the young company. In the early years, Lionel Martin raced the latest model at the Aston Clinton Hill Climb race and emerged victorious, solidifying the brand's identity. From that point on, the name Aston Martin became synonymous with performance, elegance, and success.

Lagonda Partnership

In its early years, Aston Martin forged a significant partnership with another esteemed brand, Lagonda. Founded by Wilbur Gunn in 1904, Lagonda aimed to construct innovative and groundbreaking automotive marvels. The brand quickly established itself as one of the most coveted car manufacturers globally, particularly during its prime in the 1930s. Lagonda crafted cars fit for royalty and produced ultimate sports cars, including formidable beasts that dominated the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

Furthermore, The acquisition of Lagonda by Aston Martin in 1947 marked the beginning of an extraordinary collaboration between the two companies. Combined, they produced a series of iconic automobiles that have left an indelible mark on automotive history. Among their most striking achievements were the cars of the 1980s, characterised by their avant-garde and visually stunning designs. These vehicles not only exemplified Aston Martin's commitment to innovation and creativity but also showcased the brand's unwavering dedication to creating masterpieces on wheels.

Global Icons

Additionally, throughout its rich history, Aston Martin has continuously pushed boundaries, redefining automotive excellence with each new creation. It's true fusion of luxury, performance, and timeless design is what Aston Martin vehicles embody.

Moreover, To Celebrate their 110th year Aston Martin have released a series of cars to signify the brands past, present and future. Amongst the notable releases, the DB Line stands out as an iconic collection. Celebrating the visionary leadership of David Brown, who played a pivotal role in transforming the company from 1947 to 1972.

One of the most significant members of the DB line is the legendary DB5, which gained worldwide fame as the iconic James Bond car, debuting in 1963. The DB5's sleek silhouette and cutting-edge gadgets captured the imagination of audiences and solidified Aston Martin's association with sophistication.

Over the years, the DB line has witnessed the introduction of other notable models, such as the DB9 and DB11, which carried forward the legacy of elegance and performance. As part of the 110th-anniversary celebrations, Aston Martin has unveiled the highly anticipated DB12, showcasing the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating automotive masterpieces. The DB12 represents Aston Martin's vision for the future while staying true to the timeless design principles that have defined the DB line. (Read our full article on DB12 here)

Supercars for 110 years

To celebrate Aston Martin have released three groundbreaking supercars that have pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering. The Valour, Valhalla, and Valkyrie, are all part of the V-series of high-performance variants. Thus, have been hailed as true masterpieces of innovation.

Firstly, the Valour, a limited-edition model created to commemorate Aston Martin's 110-year celebration. Only 110 units of this exceptional vehicle have been produced, making it a highly exclusive piece of automotive art. The Valour aims to capture the essence of the golden era of driving. Offering a soulful and seductive experience on the road. Combining Aston Martin's rich legacy with futuristic design elements, this trailblazer features a 5.2L V12 engine and a manual gearbox, promising an unforgettable driving experience.

Secondly, the Valhalla, a supercar that embodies beauty, power, and precision. Boasting a top speed of 217 mph and an astonishing 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds, the Valhalla is a true testament to engineering excellence. Taking inspiration from Formula 1, this mid-engine marvel places the driver at the heart of the experience. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, with bespoke carbon fiber components enhancing both performance and aesthetics. The Valhalla offers an unrivaled driving experience, resembling an F1 car built for the road.

Finally, the Valkyrie represents Aston Martin's most dynamic release. This extraordinary vehicle comes in three editions: the Coupe, AMR Pro, and the Spider. The Coupe edition leaves enthusiasts speechless with its mind-blowing 1140 bhp power output. With its pure aerodynamic design and cutting-edge engineering, the Valkyrie sets new standards for performance and design. Its 6.5L V12 engine, coupled with a 100% carbon fiber structure, creates an unmatched power-to-weight ratio, propelling this supercar into a league of its own.

Undoubtably, these three supercars stand as testament to Aston Martin's 110 years of commitment to innovation and automotive excellence. With their unrivalled performance, ground-breaking design, and attention to detail, the Valour, Valhalla, and Valkyrie truly celebrate the remarkable legacy.

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